by Kent Krugh, December 9, 2019

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Speciation: Still a Camera – a limited edition book

Published by Fraction Editions
Hardcover, 10.25”x 10.25”
98 pages / 69 images
Edition of 500
Essays by A.D. Coleman
and Barbara Tannenbaum

Available at Grenade in a Jar Books, $40.

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Speciation of Cameras – a limited edition typology print

To correspond with the opening of the exhibition Speciation: Still a Camera at Panopticon Gallery in Boston, I am pleased to announce a limited edition typology print for photography lovers and camera enthusiasts. Perfect for your home, classroom, studio, or office, this typology is a unique visual representation of the history of the camera. Printed by Panopticon Imaging.

Speciation of Cameras, 2018, archival pigment print, 24 x 18, Epson Hot Press Bright White paper
Edition of 200
$170 unframed + $15 shipping
To purchase, visit Panopticon Gallery’s Kent Krugh webpage


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Speciation of Cameras