Seeing It Through



I first started using X-rays as a tool to visually explore objects in 2010 when I took a box full of my daughters’ dolls to work. The X-rays were ghost-like and haunting, and I liked them. I could literally see beneath the surface (as the photography cliché goes). The source of X-rays is a linear accelerator– the same machine that is used to treat cancer patients. But treating dolls with cancer killing rays was not the end goal, of course. I continued making X-rays with other objects from diverse sources such as nature (seed pods and skulls) and flea markets (vacuum tubes and light meters). Five years ago, I started X-raying cameras—the tools of the trade, having faithfully imaged for decades, have themselves been imaged. In a sense, using X-rays satisfies an inner desire to probe those unseen spaces and realms I sense exist, but do not observe with my eyes.

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